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Design and Feeling by chadwysNew and recent readymades, paintings, photographs, and designs by Chad Wys.

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8-bit Calcifer

09.06.14 @ 20:261758

Nights in the VA studios

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Curve descent pattern by After-formThis series of prints I made during my experimentation with code. I used “Gradient descent” and “Marching Cubes” algorithms. First, I created a mesh in rhino with a script. Then render the model in 3ds max. Then a bit of color correction in Photoshop. In massive series i combine lines and isosurfaces. In minimal series i decided to show only isosurfaces.

09.01.14 @ 22:3224

Chinese Typography by Choi-systemChinese Typography

08.27.14 @ 12:442

Northbound by massjuArchitecture, places, and scenes photographed in the cities of Copenhagen, Malmö, Oslo, and Tromsø. All images © Matthias Heiderich, 2014.

08.26.14 @ 20:103

REPLICATION EYEWEAR CAMPAIGN | PERCY LAU |  by madameperipetie(c) 2014 www.madameperipetie.com

08.26.14 @ 20:09

The VA building at Purchase

08.25.14 @ 20:13

So wie du, nur anders! Posters by dominikbubelThe posters were part of a corporate design for a fashion designer. The layout and the design is an interpretation of the very static, stiff and geometric fashion.

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Taking a swig and still killing it #GRIMES #p4k2014 #pitchfork #round3 @thisomalley @hildebridge @Grimezsz (at Union Park)

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